A modern tube shop is the foundation of efficient fabrication. With more than 35 years of experience in planning and design we have the know-how required for your individual concepts.

A modern tube shop is more than a collection of machines. It is an intricate combination of multiple factors, which all need to be considered to improve efficiency.

In order to fully optimize a workshop, the entire fabrication flow has to be analyzed and controlled. Any intervention at one point will have significant effects on other parts of the process. In order to help you avoid any of the many mistakes that can be made when planning a tube shop, we offer customized consulting services. These can help you build a workshop that will meet your fabrication goals while increasing your efficiency ratings.


Wherever possible we will retain your existing machines and integrate them into our concept. We will provide all CNC-data, making manual input by the operator unnecessary. Due to our close relationship with many manufacturers, we can integrate modifications to make the machines even more suited for your needs. The machines will be able to work continuously without idle times, since the combination of buffer storage and automated transport will provide a steady supply of material for each machine.


The software can be integrated into your existing IT structure, so you can import your tube models quickly and conveniently. All required reports, lists and worksheets can be created and filled out automatically. Work packages for fabrication can be created, with special attention to cutting optimization and retooling minimization.

Transport system

A combination of plate-belts, roller conveyors, and cross-tables can supply all workstations with minimal waiting time. High-rise pipe dispensers can be used to store large quantities of tubes on a minimum of space. Buffer tables at the machines and workstations make efficient use of workshop space while preventing both bottlenecks and idle times.

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