RONIFreeformManager offers automated generation and correction of CNC-data, as well as a feasibility analysis for freeform tubes on CNC bending machines.

With the RONIFreeformManager software framework 3R provides a platform for computer-supported feasibility analyses, CNC-data generation and construction tool for freeform bending machines. For a detailed examination and support of the fabrication process, the entire process of bending the tubes is simulated and tested for collision.

RONIFreeformManager supports modern right- and left-bending machines with multiple bending heads and levels. In addition to freeform (roller) bending, RONIFreeformManager also simulates mandrel bending with bending die.



  • Tube bending simulation with collision detection
  • Simulation of machines with multiple bending heads and levels
  • Support of mandrel and roller bending machines
  • Generation of CNC-data and transfer to the machines
  • Import of tube geometries from 3rd party CAD systems
  • Automatic correction with the help of measuring systems


RONIFreeformManager simulates the bending process on one or more virtual bending machines. In case of collision during the bending process, the program will autonomously search for a solution. Independent of this, the operator can at any time intervene manually to adjust the bending sequence. The search for a suitable bending process is dependent on the machine and tool, the more complex the bending machine (e.g. left-right bending machines with multiple stacks and levels), the more options can be considered by RONIFreeformManager.


Among others, the following possibilities are tested:

  • Changing the rotation direction
  • Adding a correction feed
  • Changing the bending direction
  • Changing the bending head
  • Changing the bending level
  • Changing the bending sequence (machine-type dependent)

IGES-Import import of spline curves

Construction data of a tube can be imported from a CAD-system for further processing by using an interface to the IGES file format.

Manual creation of curve progressions

Besides the import of curve progressions from CAD-systems, an integrated editor allows the creation and editing of a tube by using the parameterized input of tube segments.

Support of combination tools

The application can also generate CNC data for fixed radius bends, which are created using one or more bending dies.
A machine with a combination tool can fabricate tubes with freeform and fixed radii in one process. The required data for the tool change from the freeform tool to the bending die are automagically generated by the FreeformManager. The required tooling for the fixed and the freeform radius is automatically recognized.

Set-actual comparison and correction of CNC-Data

RONIFreeformManager considers all important machine-, material-, and tool-specific parameters when generating CNC-data.
The software offers interfaces to measurement systems, so that their data can be compared with the set-tube. The result is displayed as a deviation report and is used for the automatic correction of the CNC-data. Generally the tube is in the tolerance range after the first correction, but the corrected bending product can be continuously corrected as many times as desired. The result will approximate the set-tube more and more with each iteration.

Feasibility analysis & 3D simulation

The fabrication process for a freeform tube can be displayed as an offline simulation of the machine’s axis movements. During the simulation RONIFreeformManager checks the geometry for collisions with the machine. In case of collision the software will search for alternative axis movements to manufacture the tube collision free.

Management and automated adjustment of radius tables

Especially for single unit production it is important to get an exact result on the first try. Empirical data can be collected easily for later use for tube correction. Due to the set-target comparison of similar tubes, RONIFreeformManager can adjust radius tables in a self-learning way.

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