Individual Solutions

When standard software reaches its limits, development has to be adapted to meet the customer’s requirements.

In recent years more and more companies all over the world focus on computerized support of tube fabrication. This not only increases efficiency, but also improves the quality of tube processing.

Using several systems, however, also requires precise coordination of all involved components. The communication and interaction between the systems and departments occurs via various interfaces, which must be able to transfer all data without loss or corruption. For special requirements, however, generic standard software often does not provide appropriate solutions anymore. At this point the use of specialized software becomes more and more important, in order to bridge the gap between systems, and meet the particular requirements of the customer.


  • Extensive management system for operational processes
  • Computer-supported control of a tube workshop
  • Numerous interfaces to market-leading CAD-systems
  • Complete control system for CNC-bending machines

Customized software

Close cooperation with our customers is indispensable for us. Concepts and solutions are developed jointly and are adapted specifically to meet requirements. Because of this continuous communication the development process is constantly examined and improved.

A high degree of flexibility and short turnaround times are just some of our characteristics.

Entire fabrication processes can be automated by using software that was specifically designed and adjusted for this task.

Daily work processes can be optimized, and opportunities to implement innovative ideas can be realized.

Instead of adjusting processes to fit the software, the software is designed to optimally support existing capabilities and methods, which will be maintained and adapted wherever possible.

Examples for customized software solutions:

Management system for operational processes

For several years a customer has used a customized management system, based on operational requirements. This management system controls the internal processes of a tube processing business.
Due to constant development of the software, this system evolved into a complex enterprise resource planning (ERP) system.
All contracts are recorded in the system. All documents that are relevant for order processing (Order and shipping documents, etc.) are generated automatically. At the same time both customers and suppliers are managed by the database.
By now scheduling, planning and manufacturing control are carried out with this system, which at this point is used by more than 50 simultaneous users at multiple locations.
By management of the quality characteristics of a finished unit it is possible to determine whether a contract is completed, and to generate a documentation of the fabrication process.


The modular RAMP system is a complete solution for process engineering and pipe shop control.
Each pipe shop is unique. Differences can clearly be determined by looking at the utilized machines, data processing and mode of operation. Thus RAMP is always adjusted for each individual customer, or is developed specifically according to a predetermined concept.
Using RAMP optimizes the productivity of the shop and automates processes wherever possible.

New fields of application

By now we offer software solutions beyond the area of tube processing. An extensive management system for a major company with multiple networked locations has been maintained and continuously developed for several years now. The most recent addition was an application for the monitoring and coordination of pressure and loading tables for coke ovens, and the automatic heating of their batteries, which was put into operation in 2012.

CNC-bending machine control

Interfaces to SPS-controls are part of the application range for customized software solutions as well.
An example for this is the integration of a versatile and intuitive interface between RONIKolli7 and the bending machines of a machine manufacturer.

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