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Mobile Solutions for QA/QC in Pipe-Fabrication – 3R JointCheck

In spool production the actual mechanical fabrication of the pieces is only a small part of the work. Long before the first piece of pipe is cut in the workshop, before the first welder lights his torch, the spools are planned and designed, and the production manager meticulously plans the order of fabrication and allocation of resources. 3R solutions has for many years provided software to streamline and facilitate these processes.

But after fabrication there is another long list of tasks that need to be completed, before a pipe spool can be installed at its final location. The spool has to go through surface treatment, painting, and a rigorous quality control and inspection process, in order to be accepted.

In order to assist inspectors and operators in these tasks, 3R solutions is offering the 3R JointCheck mobile solution. Since the nature of a QC inspector’s job makes a workstation at a fixed position inconvenient, the application can be run on common smart phones and tablets. This not only eliminates the need for expensive hardware, but it means that the user has full mobility within the shop, and can work at any location required.

Each spool is assigned a unique identification number, which can be printed as a bar-code or as an actual string of numbers. By scanning the bar-code / entering the number on his phone or tablet, the operator can see the fabrication history of the pipe, and can assign and modify a status to the spool for a number of tasks:

  • Processing
    • Fit-up
    • Welding
  • Surface treatment
    • Galvanization
    • Acid Treatment
    • Blasting
    • Painting
  • QA/QC
    • Visual Inspection
    • X-Ray / RT
    • UT / PAUT
  • Installation

The easy to use and intuitive user interface can be customized to include only the tasks that are actually applicable. Any modifications to a spool status are immediately transferred to the database, eliminating the need for manual entry of data. In addition the software can produce customizable reports for NDT and Fit-up / Welding work, as well as for welder performance.

By expanding their portfolio with 3R Joint-Check, applications from 3R solutions can now be used to cover the entire planning / fabrication / installation cycle of the spool production. The full integration into the 3R software suite means that in addition to the actual user the production manager and process engineers using 3R’s RoniIsoBuilder or RAMP software can get real time status updates for every spool in their workshop.

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