High flexibility and mobility are standards that can be reached when creating isometric drawings as well. Discover RONIDraftboard as smart and complete solution.

An isometric drawing is created by a designer in a dedicated construction office or department. The required software is often very expensive. Drawings are frequently created as paper sketches on site, to be transferred into the system manually afterwards.

In the times of tablet PCs and smartphones we introduce a modern solution, to sketch isometric drawings and then transfer them into the construction database at the push of a button. RONIDraftboard not only serves as a mobile addition, however. It can also be used as a cost-effective and independentsystem for the creation of isometric drawings at the PC.


  • Drawing without scale
  • Creation of a customized symbol palette
  • Creation of customized title blocks
  • Placement of reference planes
  • Logic test of the isometric
  • Simple operation
  • DXF-Export
  • 3D-view of the isometric’s pipe run
  • Suitable for use on tablet-PCs

Drawing Isometrics

Isometric drawings created with RONIDraftboard are generally drawn not to scale Pre-selected bends, branches or flanges can already be set during the creation of the drawing. The lengths of the drawn connections are defined afterwards.

The user interface is convenient for the use of RONIDraftboard as a mobile isometric system. With the tablet-PC any isometric drawing can easily be created with a pen. The integrated input assistance features allow the user to work without having to use a keyboard.

Users can place their own customized elements, lugs, auxiliary marks, spool or welding symbols, define their individual title block, or align the isometric drawing with reference planes.
With the wide range of functions of RONIDraftboard users can define almost any isometric drawing completely. The intuitive user interface and clearly laid out tools and menus make it easy to learn and operate as well.

Drawing with RONIDraftboard

The isometric drawing is sketched either with the mouse or a pen (Tablet-PC). The context mode recognizes which object was selected by the user, and decides based on the input which action to perform. This way a multitude of functions can be accessed and executed by a simple click of the mouse. Each function is also accessible on a menu bar.
All elementsymbols that are placed can be freely defined and drawn with an included editor. Symbols for welding, components or text can be placed freely on the drawing as well.

Title block editor

RONIDraftboard includes an integrated editor to design and edit a customized title block. Here the frame and layout are determined, while all used content is defined by using place holders.
The title blocks are saved as files, and can be loaded into RONIDraftboard immediately.

Symbol editor

The symbol editor allows for the creation of customized 2D element symbols. Among others this includes customized flanges, valves, fittings, reductions, etc. Each element is clearly defined by its symbol name. The number of connection points can be chosen freely, and symbols are drawn with points, lines and polygons.
If RONIDraftboard is used to supplement RONIIsoBuilder, the geometrical class of the elements can be defined in the symbols. RONIIsoBuilder uses this class to recognize which category of components the element belongs to.

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