Convenient creation of drawings and diagrams – by using a sophisticated user interface and extensive, easy to understand functionalities.

Numerous intelligent features facilitate work and make major savings in time and costs possible. The classification of material and the local reference of the imported master file permit the creation of precise quantity structures at an early stage of the construction process.


The DXF import feature permits the creation of schematics with local reference. By integrating a DXF-file RONIR2D operates in a scaled environment. The DXF-file is split and displayed as sections. The scale can be defined freely, or adjusted to the drawing area.

Save time and costs

  • Automatic generation of parts lists for disposition and fabrication
  • Easy list export to excel
  • Automatic numbering of all tubes, fittings and equipment
  • Copying complete systems into other schematics
  • Local reference and material classification

Classification of used material

Due to itsspecification based design RONIR2D achieves security and reduction in working time. The classification of used material makes it possible to filter diagrams by nominal diameter and other criteria, and to test systems for plausibility. Using of incompatible or restricted material is impossible.

Calculation of center of gravity

By working to scale and classification of the material it is possible to calculate the center of gravity for each deck. The calculation of the center of gravity is carried out using a predefined offset (e.g. the center of the ship).
It is possible to calculate the total weight in combination with a predefined component table, in reference to the various filler media.

Generation of parts lists for disposition

By classifying the material and with the local reference achieved by the DXF-import RONIR2D generates a a precise quantity structure of parts. This structure is available to disposition and construction at a very early point in time. The parts lists are automatically separated into material for prefabrication, local pipes, fittings and grommets. The material for prefabrication can be transferred directly to the RONIIsoBuilder isometric software.

Generation of parts lists for construction

Parts lists can be created for individual sections and decks, as well as the entire ship. Quantities can be entered by unit, meter or kilogram. A time-consuming creation of the material structure is dispensed with entirely. Errors due to unpermitted material are impossible. All generated lists can be exported to third-party systems if desired.

Symbol generator

Symbols with any number of connection points can be created in minutes, and used immediately.

Major cost reductions due to:

  • Automatic generation of parts lists for disposition
  • Automatic generation of parts lists for construction
  • Automatic numbering of all tubes, fittings and equipment
  • Consistency and logic of the numbering according to company specifications
  • Automatic generation of the symbol key
  • Automatic generation of the equipment key
  • Copying complete or selected systems into other schematics
  • Large-scale movement of systems
  • Automatic selection of classified material based on tube and fitting class
  • Continuous modification tracking with RONIIsoBuilder, RAMP and RONIR3D
  • Automatic preservation of the pipeline path during movement of individual symbols
  • Simplified work by using layer technology
  • System display based on various filter criteria (DN, prefabrication, etc)
  • Export of pipeline paths into common 3D construction systems (if local reference is set)
  • Logic check according to system class and nominal diameter
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