Modern measuring systems increase precision in tube prefabrication, and facilitate the collection of bending data. Use the advantages of RONITubeFit in your quality assurance.

RONITubeFit is a cost-efficient tool for the measuring of tubes.

A fitting tube, including flange displacement, can be measured within minutes. The derived data are transfered directly to the 3R software framework, in order to prepare fabrication.

RONIKolli7 processes the measuring data and corrects the bending values, in order to compensate for material traits (e.g. springback, stretching, traction reductions).

Due to its intuitive user interface RONITubeFit requires very little training time.



  • Convenient measuring of fitting pipes
  • Check and correction of bending data
  • High-precision data recording due to state-of-the-art technology
  • Easy operation due to graphical user interface
  • Increased range by creating a reference system

CAM with RONITubeFit

With RONITubeFit the precise coordinates of a bent tube can be recorded. This way the material properties of a tube type can be determined, in order to achieve perfect results with future bending operations.

In addition RONITubeFitsupports the fabrication of fitting tubes. With a few measuring points connected flanges can be measured. If desired the hole position can be recorded as well. Predefined flanges can be stored as required.


The expansion of the 3R software framework with the CAM system RONITubeFit allows precise recording of a tube or tube model within a few minutes, by using a measuring arm. Of course all recorded data can be processed further within the framework.

Measuring arm

The measuring arm is placed at a fixed position, in order to define a reference point for the measurements. The measuring tip at the end of the arm can be moved freely in space. Using a USB connection the relative coordinates of the tip are transmitted to the software at all times, and can be recorded as measuring points with a hand or foot switch. If parts of the tube or basket models are out of the range of the measuring tip the measuring arm can be moved during the measuring process with little effort by defining a reference system.

Simple operation

RONITubeFit guides the user through the entire measuring process step by step, and shows which measuring point shall be recorded next. Recorded data can be viewed freely in the graphical 3D user interface, which serves as comparison between the original and the digital model. Any step of the process can be undone if necessary.

Fitting tube measuring

A basket model can be measured by defining connection points and entering a projected path for the tube. For connection points flanges, grooves or sleeves can be selected and recorded with just a few surface measurements.

Calculation of correction values

Optimal bending results for prefabrication can be achieved by recording correction values using a prototype. These data can be transferred to RONIKolli7, where the CNCdata are recalculated under consideration of deviations.


It is possible to add branches to a model. This makes it possible to measure fitting tubes with more than one connection point.

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